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About Us

Lovebitebd was founded in 2011 with the vision of helping women uninhibitedly shop for intimate wear. Along the way, we saw the power of this idea and how it helped women break norms.

LoveBitebd is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2011, LoveBitebd has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices through Pola By LovebitebdLovebitebd.comLovebitebd Facebook Page & Pola Facebook Page

Now we’re taking it ahead and investing in a community that’s influencing women in different ways. From our online stores to our new category launches, all our innovations are driven by ideas that weren’t thought of before.


Our Vision


To Offer Every Woman the Confidence, Comfort & Choice She Deserves


Confidence is sexy and we want to help women find it, wear it and be it every day.
At Lovebitebd, we reinvent lingerie
We reimagine outerwear
We rethink design innovation
And spend hours creating every single piece
To make a woman feel beautiful in seconds

Our Design Philosophy


At the core of our products, lies the delight of the unexpected.


We’re constantly asking ourselves, “What can we do to delight her when she least expects it?”


From petite to curvy, every size finds a place in our ideas.


We fit real women, with real sizes.


Our global designers ensure that we create the finest mix.


Of what is expected and that little element of something unexpected.


We always go one step further to make it a little more special.


From the little satin bow to unparalleled delivery experiences, we make women smile till the very last mile.


Legal Information

Please do not send any return items to the addresses below, returns sent to these addresses cannot be processed. 
If you need to return a product, please contact customer service 

Bangladesh Address (not for return):
Abul Kashem Road, Mirpur
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Indian Address (not for return):
Arsiwala Mansion, Nathalal Parikh Marg,
Colaba, Mumbai. 400005

US Address (not for return):
808 Howell St #300
Seattle, WA, 98101

UK Address (not for return):
131-151 Great Titchfield Street, London,
Greater London, W1W 5BB, United Kingdom